Tree Removal

Tree removal is among the numerous lawn services we offer. We provide swift and efficient removal of fallen or dead trees in your yard. There are many reasons that could make you want to get rid of a tree on your lawn. The trees could get infected or become weak and worn out. Such trees would affect the overall beauty of your lawn and would need to be removed. Extreme weathers like thunderstorms and heavy rains could cause a tree to topple over or lean in a dangerous direction. If you encounter any of these situations, rather than try to handle it yourself, give Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Service Babylon, NY, a call. We’d come right over and get the tree out in a jiffy. 

Maintaining The Tree and Shrub In Your Lawn

Trees are living creatures whose survival greatly depends on their care and maintenance. Our team is highly trained and we provide top-notch tree maintenance services. Tree trimming is a very important aspect of tree maintenance. Regular trimming help to maintain the beauty and strength of the tree. In the skillful hands of our professionals, trimming and edging make your trees look well defined and neat, resulting in the overall enhancement of your lawn appearance. Proper trimming strengthens the tree and helps to get rid of old and weak tree parts. Any diseases the tree may have are usually identified during this process and if the tree can be treated, we immediately begin the necessary treatment. If it cannot, we help you get rid of it

The Process Of Tree Removal 

Before deciding to cut down any tree, we first establish that there is no other alternative option that can save the tree. Proper tree maintenance is typically the most effective way to preserve a tree and increase its life span. In situations where the tree can still be saved, we provide solutions to whatever problems the tree has. If it is irredeemable, we move to get rid of it.  Removing a tree in residential areas can be a bit challenging and that’s why it’s always best to hire professionals to get done. Often, the tree in question is surrounded by other important landscape structures. It requires skillful and experienced hands to get it done and that’s what we offer at Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Service Babylon. We make use of top-grade equipment that does the job efficiently while also protecting your landscape and nearby structures. Depending on the tree strength, position, and structure of your landscape, we utilize the most suitable equipment in taking it down.

Tree Removal After Care

What happens to the trees after we cut them down? After cutting down the tree, our experts will chop the wood into small chunks that can easily be gotten rid of. Depending on your specifications, we can completely remove the tree down to its stump and dispose of it for you and you may simply request that we cut the tree and chop it up while you handle the rest. What happens to the tree after we have removed it depends entirely on you.