Leaf Removal

An abundance of yellow and red leaves is typically an indication of that beautiful time of the year, fall. As attractive as these leaves make our surroundings look, they can fast become a nuance when they drop and litter your lawn. Aside from making your yard look untidy, these leaves could get stuck in drainages or pipe outlets and affect your water system during the winter. Getting rid of the leaves yourself can be really cumbersome and that’s why we are here to take it off your hands. Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Service Babylon, NY provides leaf removal services for both residential and commercial lawns. We help you maintain a neat and appealing yard, by swiftly clearing away all leaves and debris. Our services are efficiently and swiftly carried out by our professionals, who leave your lawn looking as good as new. 

Why Do I Need To Remove My Leaves?

When leaves fall from the tree, they become debris on your lawn, making it look untidy. If left for long, they start to decay and get absorbed into the ground. Too many leaves on the ground can spread and quickly become a covering of undecomposed plants known as thatch. This can hinder the growth of other plants on your grass in the near future. A buildup of thatch on your grass prevents moisture, oxygen, and other necessary nutrients from reaching the grass, thus inhibiting plant growth. Another reason to get rid of your leaves is that fallen leaves can easily become a habitat for pests and insects to infest your lawn.

DIY Vs Professional Services 

Trying to clear your lawn yourself can be excruciatingly difficult. It is extremely time consuming and you may not still be able to cover all the ground. What could take you many days to finish clearing, a professional leaf removal company can get it done in less than a day. Hiring professional services such as Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Service Babylon, NY, provides many benefits for your lawn. If you contact us for your leaf removal, our team of experts will be on schedule and clear your lawn in no time. We make use of top-notch technology in getting the work done and take care of any worries about your lawn, you may have. Using the right kind of equipment is essential in getting the work done quickly. 

Is Leaf Removal Expensive?

The average cost of leaf removal services depends on your location, size of your lawn, type, and the number of nearby trees. The type of cleanup equipment used in the removal also affects the price of the leaf removal. Some of the commonly used tools for leaf removal include a leaf rake, leaf vacuum, and a tarp. Most times, simply blowing the leaves away isn’t enough and it could get blown into a neighbor’s yard. This is why you should hire professional landscaping services Babylon, NY, to get the work done.