Landscaping Design & Install

Every house deserves a beautiful landscape. That is why at Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Service Babylon, we are so passionate about designing and installing quality aesthetically pleasing landscapes for your home exterior. We set out to create the perfect outdoor scenery for your home that is most suitable for your taste and preference. Our team of expert landscape designers will work with you in selecting the ideal landscape that will suit your surrounding. There are various aspects to landscaping, such as the landscaping irrigation design, hardscape, drip system, and sprinkler installation. We provide both design and installation services for each of these components, thus making your desired landscape a reality. 

What Is Landscaping Design?

Landscaping design involves the evaluation, planning, and designing of the outdoor space of a property. The primary aim is to add aesthetic value to your home and also provide a space for relaxation and enjoyment. Each landscape design differs depending on the homeowner’s personality and preferences and must be carried out to meet the specifications of the homeowner.

Our Landscaping Design Process

The process of landscaping design and installation begins with a consultation with our expert landscapers. The parameters of the project are measured and our professional designers assist you in selecting a design that is most suitable for you and your home.Ensuring an optimal plant life is important in maintaining your landscape design and this begins with the right plant selection. Taking other factors like the slope and soil type of your property, we help you choose the best kind of plant life that suits your surroundings and grows well in Babylon, New York. We also offer the installation of decorative stones and ground coverings that improve the appearance of your curb.

Other Landscaping Design and Installation Services We Provide

We offer an array of landscaping services Babylon, New York, to both residential and commercial clients in Bayside NY, Wyandanch NY, Deer Park NY, and other areas of Babylon NY. Routine Care and maintenance are important for your landscape and we provide such services for you. Our team of professionals specializes in the installation of all forms of hardscaping, lighting and irrigation system. Hardscaping involves the design and installing of all inanimate features that beautify your home exteriors such as patios, fireplace, retaining walls, hot tubs, and many more. We also offer the installation of lighting fixtures for your walkways, patios, or terrace. 

Landscaping Materials We Use

The types of materials used for hardscape design and installation are available in various styles and designs. Some of which include stamped concrete, pavers, natural or decorative stones, bricks, and many more. Our expert landscape designers are available to help you choose a suitable material depending on your budget and taste. We also provide installation services for retaining walls, artificial grass, and water features. Hardscaping can influence the overall appearance of your landscape and so we make use of only quality materials in all installations.